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Large Format Printing and Scanning

Large format printing/plotting

Builders, engineers, architects, model makers, in fact anyone who deals with large plans on a regular basis, will appreciate our ability to cope with up to 42"/1m wide input, 60"/1.5m wide output.

We can print from all major file formats e.g. PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWG etc.

The Copyshop offers a black and white and colour plan printing service for drawings onto bond paper, tracing paper, drafting film, or specialty materials.

Multiple copies of the same drawing, when printed from a file, are charged as follows, 1st copy is charged as a plot, subsequent copies are charged as prints, see price list for details.

Customers can benefit from the same high-speed output, from hand drawn plans, computer-generated drawings or archived scans.

The Copyshop always recognizes the importance of identifying & meeting the varying needs of their customers and will always try to meet their individual requirements.

Large format scanning

While drawings are valuable assets to a company, they may occasionally need to be scanned for archival purposes, shared with others or revised. The Copyshop offers 2 options:-

  1. Scanning to produce Raster Images.
    When a drawing is fed through a scanner, the page information ends up as a "raster" format such as JPEG or TIFF. They are just a series of dots or pixels, placed on a page.
  2. Scanning to produce Vector Images
    To enable the image to be edited in a CAD programme, the raster data must first be converted to a "vector" file format such as a DXF or .DWG file, which recognizes the entities of lines, arcs, etc. This can be done using a sophisticated and specialist software package, and although it can produce good results, it is important to be aware that success cannot be guaranteed and that the files produced should be checked for accuracy. It should also be noted that the standard vectorising/file conversion process involves the removal of all fonts.
    This means that any text will not be editable and must be re-entered if required.

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